The Enemy of Mankind Speaks Power

Picked this zine at Red Emma’s in Baltimore last week. Read the first few lines, and figured out it was about the riots during the Pittsburgh G20 in September of 2009. Since I participated in some of the demonstrations of those couple days in September, and I secretly have a fascination and love/hate relationship with queer insurrectionist texts, I picked it up. After all, it was only $1. What a wonderfully written piece of shit it is! There is queer eroticism mixed with a glorification of rioting and the transformative effects of violence, political action, city planning, and destruction. It mixes up a million thoughts of privilege, whiteness, queerness, insurrection, organizing, nihilism, and post modernism. Its a wonderful way to distract myself from frustrations and the hard work of the real world, and just bathe in total nihilistic abandon. Woo!

Quote of the book: “My preferred gender pro-noun is negation”.

This spurs so many confused and angry and funny thoughts in my head. Sometimes I’m amazed by how far people will take theory. I love this stuff for the way it deconstructs my perceptions and encourages me to get totally ridiculous, but knowing that some people take this shit dead serious makes me a little nauseous….

Also, lots of helvetica.

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