So, My friend and housemate Jeremy is facing a Felony Next Week.

He is being targeted because he speaks out about the police, and their abuse of authority. Because, as a white male, he doesn’t have to routinely worry that any police encounter could mean ending up with his face kicked in. But then they found a way to intimidate him, defame him, and de-legitimize his beliefs and his work. By profiling him. For his appearance.

And now a bunch of his friends and a bunch of (mostly white) bearded hipsters are going to support him to make a point in the courtroom. I will be there, and I hope you will be there too. Bring friends.

But lets not forget that, while this is a really scary time for everyone, especially Jeremy, this is just a daily reality for people of color in this country. Us white people get riled up because our friend got profiled for his politics and because he fit a vague description of a vandal that could have been half the white people under 30 in this city, but lets not forget that this is so rare for us to have to face.

I think Jeremy knows this. He has heard enough police scanners, heard enough pigs talking shit and giving descriptions of suspects that are far more vague than even Jeremy’s alleged description.

Black male. Around 6 feet. Camo jacket. In Carver. In Jackson Ward. In Church Hill. In Fulton Hill. The first person they see becomes a suspect. The first person a white person sees, who isn’t white, becomes a suspect. And now we’re bringing that on ourselves because we try to call it like we see it, and make it a public (white people) conversation that the police are corrupt and fucked. But this is reality for so many people already. And its accepted. Especially by whites. Fuck them. Fuck cops. Fuck the State. Fuck Capitalism. And fuck white supremacy.

This was written in haste. Forgive the rambling and cliches.

Until the last chains are broken.

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